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Garage door openers are amazing machines. The opener does not lift the garage door. It controls the extent that the door is opened or closed. The actual lifting comes from the counterbalancing springs attached to the door. The garage door opens and closes when all the moving parts are in balance and in good working order. All Liftmaster garage door openers come with MyQ. This technology allow homeowners control their garage doors over the internet. Garage door operation can be monitored and controlled by your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Non Insulated Steel Garage Doors

Liftmaster Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

Chain drives are the most common garage door opener. They are durable, reliable, and offer lasting performance. There are three LiftMaster chain drive product series - Elite, Premium, and Contractor. The most popular LiftMaster garage door opener is the Premium Series. The openers have a mid-price point with a rich selection of options and accessories. The LiftMaster Elite is used for the heaviest carriage, wood and custom garage doors.

Non Insulated Steel Garage Doors

LiftMaster Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Lakewood Garage Door recommends a LiftMaster® Belt Drive garage door opener when the garage is located below or adjacent to a home living area. LiftMaster® belt drive garage door openers are smooth, quiet, and reliable. LiftMaster offers two belt driven product series - Premium and Elite. Both series have multiple product models. A new technology from LiftMaster® called MyQ allows homeowners to open or close their garage doors from anywhere using a smartphone or computer. Battery backup options are also available. If the power goes off, the garage door will still open.


Steel Carriage Garage Doors

LiftMaster® 8500 Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

Lakewood Garage Door suggest the LiftMaster® 8500 Jackshaft or Wall Mounted Garage Door Opener when you need to save space or have obstructions in the ceiling of the garage. This opener has an optional standby power system that will continue working, even when the power goes out..


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Lakewood Garage Door is Denver's value garage door service company. We have been servicing garage door springs, cables, hinges, rollers, tracks, openers and many more problems since 1990.

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